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Enterprise API Gateway for Global Traffic Management.

Secure and Protect your companies customer facing APIs by using the Qoder geodispersed network of API gateways. Easily provide secure access for external customers to access your new and legacy API's.


Consolidation of Multiple APIs

Unified Security across all Endpoints

Configurable Edge Caching

Local and Global Rate Limiting

Group Based Security

Centralised User Centric Documentation

Bring together multiple APIs hosted in different regions or cloud providers

Use the best tools for the job without feeling the need to use a single cloud provider or region. Bring functionality into your APIs from multiple cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and more.

Take your loosely connected API and authentication schemes and bring it all together everything under a single cohesive API that is presented to your customers to consume with ease.

Reduce Costs

Focus your development effort on the things that matter.

Faster time to market

Spend time developing value added features instead of burning time and effort on boilerplate integrations.